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You can’t abide by wishes that you don't know about... Nobody lives forever. One day we all have to face the loss of a loved one and it becomes evident that our time will come, too. Is there anything we can do about it? No. Is there anything we can do to prepare for it? Yes! We've all known someone was passed away suddenly and left a bereft family wondering what to do next. There are a million questions. Did he want to be buried? Cremated? Cremated and scattered? Did he want a big funeral? A small one? No funeral at all? Religious? Not religious? You can’t abide by wishes that you don't know exist!
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By prearranging your own service, you can express your personal preferences, likes and dislikes, as well as your hopes and desires. Funeral prearrangement also enables one to exert a type of control over the last event of your life. But, most of all, it eases the burden for those making tough decisions for a loved one's funeral service during a time of grief and stress.

Talking to a Pre-Needs Counselor can be a worthwhile experience and can lighten the burden on our loved ones by planning ahead.
Make sure your family knows your thoughts and wishes.
After all it’s really the smart thing to do.

AARP reports that 32 percent of older Americans prepay for their final arrangements. 
Planning ahead can help you reach goals, ease worries and save money. Click here to make an appointment with one of our Professional Pre-Needs Counselors